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Byron & Harold

rags to riches

At the conclusion of World War I, the Western Australia Government attracted migrants to Western Australia to establish farms in the Margaret River region. By 1922, more than 100 settlers had arrived. This was the early stage of the Margaret River region, where land clearing, logging, and farm establishment was the order of the day. From humble beginnings in the 1890s, where itinerate farmers scratched a living out of the native
bushland, to today’s world famous wine growing region, Margaret River has seen a true ‘Rags to Riches’ story.

Today, the Margaret River wine region is known for its outstanding viticulture, wine production, and international tourism, attracting an estimated 500,000 visitors annually. Margaret River is the leading wine region of Western Australia, with a respect and reputation that is globally recognised. Occupying the westerly coastal strip of south-western Australia, Margaret River enjoys a Mediterranean / maritime climate with an average rainfall of around 1100mm. This is classic winter rains country which enjoys all the benefits of its proximity to the Indian Ocean.

The region enjoys good winter rains, warm summer days, long sunshine hours, and the benefit of cooling sea breezes during the ripening period. The combination of maritime climate and dee