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Byron & Harold


Great wine depends on being able to grow sensational fruit. Sensational fruit is all about the perfect coming together of seasons to avoid the fierce extremes of nature, without compromising flowering, fruit set and the all important long, cool, even ripening period. Our Circle of Life label unites four trees in one. Like the four seasons themselves, they have individual characters yet are inextricably linked. The four intertwined trees represent the cycle of the seasons, the real life cycle of a vineyard. All the Circle of Life wines have been made from grapes grown in Western Australia. These Circle of Life ‘Four Seasons’ wines shout out about place and origin. They are true to variety and honest to region and terroir. They simply scream Western Australia.

Please note: A minimum order of 12 mixed bottles are necessary to checkout. These can be mixed cases with varying brands or varieties.

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Lifted aromatics of violets, cherry, cassis, black tea & cardamon spice.

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Elegant aromas of dark red fruits with a hint of sweet spice and toasty oak.

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