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Byron & Harold



These First Mark wines have our fingerprints all over them. From the identification of vineyard site and the selection of individual parcels of fruit, through to the hands on winemaking of each batch. We believe in the old winemakers' adage that 'wines are made in the vineyard' and, as such, are committed to seeking out the very best vineyard sites so that we can deliver on our promise to make wines of flavour, texture and structure.

With half a lifetime devoted tothe discovery of the hidden gems within the wonderful world of wine, these wines are a distillation of our experience and a result of that quest. Sourced from the prime vineyard sites of Great Southern in West Australia.

These wines started life in the vineyards of some of the world's most committed artisan vignerons. Our winemaker Kate Morgan, has, in turn, crafted wines that are a true expression of both variety and place. Wines that are an exciting reflection of the vineyards from which they came. Powerful wines with elegance, flavour and style.

Please note: A minimum order of 12 mixed bottles are necessary to checkout. These can be mixed cases with varying brands or varieties.