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Byron & Harold


Hallmarks have been applied to items of excellence for hundreds of years – they are marks of identity and pride, of authenticity and quality. These Hallmark wines reflect the very best of our search for outstanding examples of both variety and place.

They are the standard bearers of our commitment to exceptional quality and value from Australia’s most revered and celebrated wine growing regions.

To have the Hallmark name bestowed upon these wines means that they carry our personal signature – our imprimatur, our winemaking pride and the dedication and toil of our viticulturalists who have brought their many years of experience and knowledge to collectively deliver flavour, elegance and style.

Whilst we all agree that the very best wines of the world are made in the vineyard, when you overlay the many years of experience, devotion and perseverance of a talented and enthusiastic winemaker these wines are taken to another level. A true expression of variety… a real expression of place … and quite simply, a stunning glass of wine upon which we are proud to apply our Hallmark.