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Introducing a few special release labels worth searching for... 


Our Orbis range of wines reflect a fusion of the wonderful, ecologically diverse wines growing sites found in the southwest corner of Western Australia. Orbis, in Latin, refers to the world. So, we chose to make wines of the world. Wines with diversity of flavours, wines that are universally loved, wines to be enjoyed wherever you please.  

Margaret River Varietals | RRP $32.00

Western Australian Varietals | RRP $21.00


What is a secret? Something you hold close. Something you can choose to share - or not - with others. It's personal. It's yours. But the sharing of it brings you closer to your friends and family. That is what these Secret Vineyard wines can be. Something to share, or keep all to yourself. 


The farmland of the Great Southern wine region of Western Australia is a patchwork of mixed farms, cropping lands and boutique vineyards – a veritable wonderland for native birds and insects. No more so than the Superb Blue Wren who happily twitters through the day whilst working for our vignerons as natures natural insect pest controller. This is a rich, fertile area of Australia that gives up parcels of magnificent fruit that our winemaker crafts into wine styles for today’s wine drinker. 


Our 'Crown of Flowers' range is inspired by all that roam within our enchanted tall Karri tree forests of Western Australia, including a small colony of deer that feast upon the rich variety of forest flora found there. Crafted from carefully selected parcels of fruit from across Western Australia, our 'Crown of Flowers' range of table wines is a loving tribute to the diversity of the region, from our rolling hills and valleys and endless sandy beaches, to our bountiful forests and hot, dry plains. Just like the strange colony of deer found wandering through our Karri trees, our wines are surprising and unique expressions of the wonderful world of Western Australia. 


The farmland of the Great Southern wine region of Western Australia is a patchwork of mixed farms, cropping lands and boutique vineyards – a veritable wonderland for high quality winemakers.  To us at Byron & Harold, the bicycle is a symbol of the sustainability of the wonderful individual vineyard sites from which we select the parcels of fruit to make these gorgeous, approachable, drinkable wines. A bicycle is functional - yet still so much fun. is is what we are making for the wine drinker of today – wines with great varietal flavour that are fun to drink. 



Working hard, playing hard, and making some of the worlds most outstanding wines - that’s what
our Vignerons and Winemakers do. The Great Southern wine region of Western Australia is built for this, with its cool temperate climate strongly influenced by the Southern Ocean. This produces elegant, structured wines, with maximum retention of varietal aromas and flavours to build complexity. Working with the environment is of the utmost importance to our Rogues and Rascals, and their dilligent efforts of  are evident in the high quality wines we produce. 


Here in the farmland of the Great Southern wine region of Western Australia, we are blessed with a wide variety of unique flora and fauna - none more noticable than the native birdlife, whos sweet songs provide the soundtrack for our vignerons as they work. The birds also pull their weight in the vineyard, acting as natures natural insect pest controller. Once the grapes are harvested and safely inside the winery, winemaker intervention is minimal - allowing the fruit to hold the starring role in the final wine. The final product is a true representation of place and varietal flavour. Just like the sweet birdsongs that ring throughout the vineyard, these wines are sure to delight - share with friends today. 


Our fingerprints are all over these First Mark wines. They represent our own personal signature – our pursuit of and commitment to flavour and character. From the identification of vineyard site and the selection of individual parcels of fruit, through to the hands on winemaking of each batch. We believe in the old winemakers' adage that 'wines are made in the vineyard' and, as such, are committed to seeking out the very best vineyard sites so that we can deliver on our promise to make wines of flavour, texture and structure. 

With half a lifetime devoted to the discovery of the hidden gems within the wonderful world of wine, these wines are a distillation of our experience and a result of that quest. Sourced from the prime vineyard sites of Great Southern in Western Australia. 

These wines started life in the vineyards of some of the world's most committed artisan vignerons. Our winemaker Kate Morgan, has, in turn, crafted wines that are a true expression of both variety and place. Wines that are an exciting reflection of the vineyards from which they came. Powerful wines with elegance, flavour and style. 

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‘After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb’ Nelson mandela

Our Terrane wines are sourced from the clean, pristine, sea-kissed vineyard lands of Western Australia. These vineyards experience a strong maritime influence where warm growing seasons are mitigated with cool afternoon breezes to ensure a long, even ripening period prior to harvest.



At the conclusion of World War I, the Western Australia Government attracted migrants to Western Australia to establish farms in the Margaret River region. By 1922, more than 100 settlers had arrived. This was the early stage of the Margaret River region, where land clearing, logging, and farm establishment was the order of the day. From humble beginnings in the 1890s, where itinerate farmers scratched a living out of the native bushland, to today’s world famous wine growing region, Margaret River has seen a true ‘Rags to Riches’ story.
Today, the Margaret River wine region is known for its outstanding viticulture, wine production, and international tourism, attracting an estimated 500,000 visitors annually.

Margaret River is the leading wine region of Western Australia, with a respect and reputation that is
globally recognised. Occupying the westerly coastal strip of south-western Australia, Margaret River enjoys a Mediterranean / maritime climate with an average rainfall of around 1100mm. This is classic winter rains country which enjoys all the benefits of its proximity to the Indian Ocean. The region enjoys good winter rains, warm summer days, long sunshine hours, and the benefit of cooling sea breezes during the ripening period.

The combination of maritime climate and deep volcanic soils leads to a consistently high quality of fruit with intense flavours. The principal grape varieties in the region are evenly split between Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. This is an area that is renowned for powerful and flavoursome Cabernet Sauvignon, and deep, rich Chardonnays.